With over 25 years of experience, we are here to help guide you through the twist and turns of a car accident. Taking on the daunting leg work for you so that you can get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.


  • We Specialize In

    Body, Frame, Mechanical and paint work. We also offer completed exterior vehicle detail and head lamp restoration.

  • Free Estimate

    We offer many digital ways to provide an estimate. Email, Facebook, Instagram, text, and Yelp.

  • Insurance Claims Management

    We will guide our customer through the complicated details of a Collision or Comprehensive claim.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We provide a life time warranty on all workmanship and paint work.

  • Towing Services

    We provide 24 hour towing. Don’t let the police or CHP tow your car to a storage lot where your car will be held hostage until you pay hundreds to get it out.

  • Car Rental

    We will make arrangement for a replacement rental car while your vehicle is in our care.


We provide transparency in vehicle repair and claims process. Not only will your car be repaired you will receive an education on the process.

  • Quality Assurance

  • Experienced Technicians

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Conveniently Located

  • Complementary Car Wash

  • First Class Customer Service

Hear what our customers have to say

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Hear what our customers have to say

Any business can tell you how great they are, or how good their customer service and quality of work is, but we'd rather have our customers do the talking for us.

We pride ourselves in being able to use our expertise to help you get back to your normal life after the trauma of a car accident. Hear from our past customers and see what they have to say about Apex Collision.

What Makes Us Better Than Other Shops

We Are 100% Transparent With You

We explain every part of the process to you before anything happens, and we only continue if we have your okay.

Communicating With Insurance Companies For You

We take on the daunting task for you when it comes to being in contact with insurance companies and managing your insurance claims.

We Are Respectful With Your Time

We are considerate of your time because we know time is your most valuable asset. Our goal is to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Text & Email Updates On The Status of Your Repairs

Along with sending you notifications on the status of your vehicle. We also provide you with a portal for you to check-in and see the live status of your car.

Coordinating A Rental Car That Fits Your Needs

We make sure that you understand the rental car process and communicate with you what your insurance company covers to make sure you get the best rental car possible that fits your daily needs.

We Compare Estimates You've Received From Other Shops

Send us the estimates you've received from other body shops. We will be happy to explain the differences and see how we can save you money.

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Get Back To Your Normal Life As Quickly As Possible

Our Simple 3 Step Process

To get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

1. Getting An Estimate

We photograph and document the vehicle's condition. We disassemble the damaged area and run computer diagnostics. We then analyze the damage and prepare the appraisal for you to review. While keeping in mind any concerns and expectations you may have so we can communicate them to our technicians.

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2. Create A Repair Schedule

Once everything is approved by you and the insurance company we then secure the parts and develop a repair schedule based on the number of hours needed to repair the vehicle. We share this schedule with the insurance company, rental agency, and most importantly you.

3. Begin Repairs

Once the parts arrive, the vehicle is dispatched to a technician to begin the repairs. The body damaged is repaired first. The vehicle then goes through our paint department. Once that is completed it will go to reassembly. The final step will be to clean your vehicle and prepare it for delivery. Your vehicle is inspected after every step of the process for quality assurance before we deliver you the final product.

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We understand a lot is going through your head right now. We're here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Here the most common questions we've received from previous customers.

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Have more questions? Please feel free to reach out to us @ (714) 554-6600

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Get Back To Your Normal Life As Quickly As Possible